Here are just some of the areas of your studio that we can analysis

Google Analytics

We review your website's analytics with you in simple terms so you can see what is working or not working on your website. Then we make detailed recommendations that you can take back to your website designer in order to improve your website and Google rankings.

Marketing Tracking

We work with you to track which marketing is working and which is not. This will let you can focus your budget on those things that are working and be the best return of investment.

See an example report here

Competitor intelligence

We do regular reviews of your competing studios and provide report on what they are doing.

See an example report here

Studio Operations

We look at when, where and how your customers interact with you and how to be more efficient.

See an example report here

ARTIFICIAL Intelligence

Using the power of AI we can help you leverage this technology to provide better customer service to your customers. See an example of a studio using a AI powered bot to answer common questions

business insight

We analysis what is working and what is not working in your business in terms of getting and retaining students.

See example report here


If you would like more information or would like to discuss how we can assist your music or dance studio please contact us by:

Email: info@studiodataintel.comPhone: (778) 786-1277